We are very happy to announce the following keynote speakers for the 3rd International Conference on Recent Trends in Environmental Science and Engineering (RTESE'19).

Dr. Riadh Habash

University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Banu Örmeci

Carleton University, Canada

Dr. Riadh Habash

From wearable and mobile communications to power lines and appliances, electromagnetic (EM) energy plays a significant part in many of the innovations that we take for granted everyday. A basic force of nature, this nonionizing energy can be harnessed and used, but still holds the potential to be risky. The question remains, how safe are EM technologies? Especially a new generation of higher frequency telecommunication technologies are being added to the current 2G, 3G, 4G frequencies to offer an array of frequencies that will accumulate enough bandwidth to power future wireless multimedia and the Internet of Things. This speech will present a cutting-edge knowledge and research findings on environmental implications of EM energy comprising low frequency fields and radio frequency radiation including some of the available literature on 5G technologies which are far less investigated for human and environmental effects.

Riadh Habash is an engineering educator and Research Chair on Electromagnetic Energy and Health at the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa. The author of several books and research papers; recipient of the National Wighton Fellowship and several university interdisciplinary initiatives awards; taught for more than 35 years at various universities worldwide.

Topic of Keynote: Environmental Implications of Electromagnetic Energy: The Recent 5G Myth

Keynote Abstract

Dr. Banu Örmeci

Dr. Banu Örmeci received her Masters and PhD degrees from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke University (USA). She is the Jarislowsky Chair in Water and Global Health and the Director of the Global Water Institute at Carleton University. She leads an internationally recognized research program on wastewater and biosolids treatment. Her collaborative research with the wastewater industry has resulted in several patents and new technologies in the market. Prof. Örmeci serves as the Chair of the International Water Association (IWA) Sludge Management Specialist Group. She is also the Canadian Focal Point for the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science Water Program. She is the recipient of several prestigious research, teaching and mentoring awards.

Topic of Keynote: Biosolids Management in Circular Economy: Lessons from around the World

Keynote Abstract

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